Glamour Beauty Studio


Bright White Smile-Glamour Beauty Studio, provides exceptional services one on one

in a professional private suite in two separate locations, Irving and Southlake. At 

Bright White Smile-Glamour Beauty Studio, whether you visit one time or receive 

frequent services, you will be treated the way you deserve to be treated. So why not 

come in relax and unwind from the daily stress, and experience the best in advanced 

teeth whitening, skincare and beauty enhancement – you owe it to yourself!

Dee D'labaj-Tibbs

Owner-Certified Master 

Teeth Whitening Specialist

Ageless Beauty Enhancement

Hi, I'm Dee D'labaj-Tibbs, owner and certified master teeth whitening specialist and 

ageless beauty technician of Bright White Smile-Glamour Beauty Studio. I try to keep 

myself balanced and surrounded by positive people and always try to brighten a 

person's day with a smile. I do believe that person's true beauty begins within and

you should appreciate a person for their worth as human being but you admire them 

for the qualities that make them unique. Driven by my desire for personal growth and

happiness, I continue to seek out special techniques that are on the age of the anti-

aging phenomenon and always interested in helping women and men improve their 

appearance and slow down the aging process...not just for today-but for life! 

A Bright White Smile can take years off and truly boost your self-confidence! 


Glamour Beauty Studio

Call (817) 749-2222

Text (940) 535-8773

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PLEASE NOTE: Bright White Smile-Glamour Beauty Studio, is a professional private 

suite studio version and not in a large spa atmosphere. All professional teeth whitening 

services are provided one-on-one inside private suite by owner and certified master

technician Dee D'labaj-Tibbs 

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