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After a thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation, your skin is lathered with aromatic essential oils containing plant

extracts for ultimate hydration. 

Demi Facial - $45

European Facial

A deep pore-cleansing treatment that includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliating and a custom prescription mask. 

The final moisturizing & facial massage leaves skin feeling amazingly healthy.

European Facial -$90

Re-hydrating Facial


Free your face of impurities and infuse it with intense moisture. Dull skin cells are removed to expose young skin. 

Highly concentrated antioxidant botanics offer free radical protection while sophisticated ingredients completely 

rehydrate for a supple and glowing complexion. A home care regimen is recommended to maintain appearance 

and maximize results.

Re-hydrating Facial - $75

Flawless Complexion Facial

Luxurious and effective treatment for brown spots (hyper pigmentation) utilizes advanced active ingredients to 

diminish spots and to promote free radical protection. Skin will be brightened and radiant. A home care regimen is

recommended to maintain appearance and maximize results.

Flawless Complexion Facial - $80

Glycolic Acid Peel

Tired of looking at dull, lifeless skin every morning? This facial includes cleansing and a glycolic acid application 

and a soothing mask that leaves your skin looking smooth and refined.

Glycolic Acid Peel -$125

Problematic Skin Facial

Therapeutic deep cleansing treatment removes excess oil and unclogs pores. Stimulating and clarifying clay mask, 

enhanced with anti-inflammatory ingredients, diminishes breakouts and regulates oil accumulation. Concluded

with an oil free moisturizer for a shine free appearance. Use treatment in conjunction with home care regimen to

maintain healthy complexion appearance.

Problematic Skin Facial - $145

Youth Renewal Facial

Youth renewal treatment that offers intense skin refinement. Deeply stimulates new skin cell production with an

advanced, paramedical formulation derived from soy extract. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and therapeutically

treated for maximum revitalization. Skin immediately appears more firm and vibrant. Perfect for post surgery and

for mature skin needing revitalization. A home regimen is recommended to maintain appearance and maximize 


Youth Renewal Facial - $135


Hello Eyelash Extensions.......Goodbye Mascara

Lash extensions are a way to can add thickness and length to lashes that aren’t as lush, dark or long as you want 

them to be. Professionals apply false lashes–typically one at a time for the most natural look–to your lash line using

an adhesive that is safe for the eye area.

Do they last forever?

No. Your natural lashes fall out every 60 to 90 days, but we do not notice when they fall out quite as much because 

there’s already a new lash growing behind it. False lashes are often thicker and longer than your natural lashes, so 

when they fall out, you may wind up noticing it more. With lash extensions that are adhered to your natural lashes, 

they can fall out anywhere from a week to a couple months down the road.  Typically, you will need to get them 

replaced every two to four weeks.

What are lash extensions made of?

Lash extensions come in a variety of materials. The most common are made out of synthetic polyester, silk and

mink, and can range in length from short to very long.

Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

You can, but the brush could potentially pull on your lashes and cause them to be damaged, loosened, or removed.  

Additionally, you should avoid waterproof mascara and should only apply mascara at the tips of lashes.  Plus, you 

may find you don’t need any at all once you’ve got these!

Does it hurt to have done?

It is generally not a painful procedure, but some people have negative reactions to materials involved. If you 

experience any burning, pain or discomfort, let the professional know immediately.  Your technician should be

trained in dealing with this potential issue.

Can I use eye makeup remover while I have them?

When you remove your makeup, just be extremely careful and do your best to avoid touching the lashes.  Use

a gentle eye makeup remover with a cleansing wipe rather than cotton balls or Q-tips, which can result in fibers

being caught on your extensions.  Do not use an oil-based makeup remover, as oil-based products can affect the

glue negatively.

Who should not get eyelash extensions?

There are a few factors that can rule out eyelash extensions as a possibility.

If you do not have eyelashes already, it is very difficult (if not impossible) for the professional to apply the eyelash

extensions because there is nowhere to put them. If you have very curly eyelashes, your lash extensions might

actually fall off in only three days, so it’s not even worth it to get them.

If you tend to rub your eyes a lot–even in your sleep–then you should probably not get extensions.

Can people with contacts have eyelash extensions?

Yes, but your eyes may get irritated after a while of having them shut if your contacts are still in. If they have a

tendency to get dry, just make sure you bring a contact case with you so you can take them out as your have the 

extensions done, then pop them back it afterward.

How can I make them last longer?

Try to sleep on your back! This may be difficult for those who are accustomed to being side (or even face) sleepers

but it can help your lashes avoid getting pulled or prodded. Also, even if you really love feeling that lengthy, lovely, 

lush set of new lashes all up on your fingertips, resist the urge to touch them anyway. You should be careful whilst

washing your face to avoid tugging or pushing on them, as well.

How do I take them off?

I strongly recommend going to a professional to have your eyelash extensions removed, as they are trained in

the process and know how to do it properly without damaging your own lashes or pulling the natural ones out 

along with the fake ones.

Full Set: The Glamour Look

$190 - 90 minutes 

Full Set: Drama 

$250 - 120 minutes 

Eyelash Refill 2 wks

$55 - 45 minutes 

Eyelash Refill  3wks

$75 - 60 minutes


Get the Look You Desire!

Get Rid of Wrinkles and Creases with Botox Unhappy with your face?

Botox can help!

BOTOX® is a cosmetic treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines, like those that appear in

between the brows and around the eyes. It’s a popular treatment for women and men who want more youthful, 

refreshed, and vibrant appearances.

BOTOX® Cosmetic works on wrinkles and lines that are caused by common facial expressions like frowning and 

smiling. It can also help people who suffer from excessive sweating. The injectable won’t work on wrinkles that are

caused by loss of facial volume or skin laxity.

Lines in Between Brows (Also Called Glabella or Frown Lines) 

The lines in between the brows can become very deep. BOTOX® Cosmetic can reduce the appearance of these

lines. In others, the treatment may be able to eliminate the lines entirely.

Lines Around the Eyes (Also Known as Crow's Feet) 

Facial muscle movements can cause lines to form between your eyes and crow’s feet to appear at the corners of 

your eyes. BOTOX® can give you younger, brighter-looking eyes by reducing the appearance of these lines.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a temporary treatment, although it does last longer in some people than in others. 

In general, most people can expect the results of their treatments to last for three to six months.

BOTOX® has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for wrinkle treatment in the U.S. since 

2002. It was safely and widely used in Europe and Canada for many years before that, and still is today!

If you’re concerned about safety, choose an experienced injector like a surgeon or a senior nurse – someone who 

has performed BOTOX® procedures many times and knows how to inject safely.

Once BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected, it takes 3 to 12 days to see the full results. During this time, the most common 

side effects are a low risk for bruising and some tenderness at the injection sites. You can also reduce bruising by

avoiding aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs for two weeks before your treatment. Some people may have a few 

headaches during the first day or two after a treatment.

A very rare side effect is eyelid drooping, which usually goes away within two to three weeks. This kind of side 

effect is typically the result of the BOTOX® moving away from injection sites. You can prevent or minimize it by 

avoiding touching the injection sites for at least 12 hours after having a treatment.

Because BOTOX® can cause symptoms that take a bit of time to settle, it’s a good idea to schedule your treatment 

at least two to three weeks in advance if you’re planning to attend a special event. That way, you can be confident

that you’ll feel great about your appearance on the big day!

$10 Per Unit


Anti-stress Herbal Detox Inch-loss

Our Special Anti-stress Herbal Detox Inch-loss Body Wrap is the healthiest way to lose inches quickly. This type of 

body wrap is a pleasant experience that begins with cotton linens soaked in a warm, toxin-cleansing penetrating

aloe-herb solution. The end result is a gratifying and noticeable size loss. 

After wrapping is done, the client lounges comfortably in the warm botanical extracts for 45 minutes. 

The aloe-herb solution of highly active concentrates will tone and tighten surface skin. The penetrating herbs will 

boost cellular activity in deeper layers to restore elasticity and firmness to skin tissues. Natural aromas benefit the 

body through molecular osmosis for positive therapeutic effects. Most clients sleep while the wrapping encourages 

elimination of toxins through lymphatic cleansing.

Each body treatment cleanses toxins from the fat cells to result in a size loss wherever the fat is. No chemicals or 

dehydrating salts or clays are in this solution. The treatment is safe for anyone. No compression is used during 

application and the client does not perspire. After the treatment, no bath is needed. The skin is soft and clean and 

the client is refreshed. 

The herbs stay in the body and keep working for three days so it is important to drink 3 liters of water daily to

insure that toxins will be flushed from the lymph system. Your body will be ready to have another treatment on the

4th day. A series of 6 body wraps will give you the best results. 

Our Inch-loss Herbal Detox Body Wrap treatment can be used for: 

Facial Wrinkles

Double Chin 

Cellulite Reduction


Defining Muscles

Skin Conditioning

Underarm Sag

Skin Toning


Acne Control

Stretch Marks


Calluses Swollen Feet



Breast Reduction

Mini Face Lift

Migraine Headaches

Brown and Age Spots

Cold Sores



Dark Circles

Sinus Headaches

Helps with Non smoking. 

An Herbal Inch-loss Detox Body Wrap treatment is safe for anyone because no dehydration or compression is

used. A non-compression body wrap allows people with medical complications to receive a body wrap. 

After the Anti-Stress Detox Inch-loss Body Wrap  treatment no bath is needed. The skin is soft and clean and the

 client is refreshed and inches smaller. 

Drinking 3-4 liters of water during the 24 hours after the treatment will flush the toxins from the lymph system to 

assure that the lost size will stay off. 

This Anti-stress Herbal Detox Inch-loss Body Wrap mixture will helps release toxins that create inch loss. A body 

detox body wrap treatment is also great for those who are trying to quit smoking, and by releasing the toxins your 

craving to smoke reduces. This is not a water loss program, and not a dehydration type of body wrap. The loss is 

due to toxins being moved from the fat cells into the lymphatic system.

Anti-Stress Detox Inch-loss Body Wrap - $145 

Deluxe Anti-Stress Detox Inch-loss Body Wrap  - $165

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