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The premier product of Senegence, LipSense lasts all day – up to 18 hours!

Senegence/Lipsense is considered top of the line in the cosmetic industry!

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Lipsense is the PERFECT addition for my clients and ANYONE who likes to wear lip color!


Unlike Any Other!

What is LipSense?

Similar to the other ‘smear-proof’ all-day lipstick kits currently available on the market, LipSense’s lipstick kit

includes your base lip colors, a ‘top coat’ gloss, and a remover. The premier product of Senegence, LipSense 

lasts all day – up to 18 hours. It is water-proof, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, and completely budge-proof. LipSense

comes in a variety of captivating colors and can be layered to produce your own custom look.

What makes LipSense Unique:

LipSense offers over 70 shades of their Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colors, plus a number of topcoat/gloss options 

(including moisturizing, matte, pearl, glitter, and diamond finishes) due to the 2-3 step layering process, you can 

actually combine different colors to create completely unique shades and customize your look their lip colors 

contain alcohol to help exfoliate your lips and remove build-up leftover from other products, and are said to 

restore and revitalize your lips after 1-4 weeks their products are vegan and cruelty-free, and consciously 

formulated with safe ingredients.

How to Apply LipSense - Start by applying the Lipsense lip color, in three thin coats (allowing each of the layers

a few seconds to dry in between). Swipe the brush from one corner of the lip to the other without rubbing the 

applicator back and forth.

Finish with a topcoat gloss to seal in the color and also hydrate the lips.  The lip gloss is the only thing you might 

need to re-apply throughout the day 

Clean up any mistakes with the Ooops! Remover.

Is the Oops! Remover Absolutely Necessary?

The Oops! Remover works to both correct mistakes and remove the lip color at the end of the day.  However, 

it’s not absolutely necessary – Regular soap, coconut oil, and makeup wipes work just as well. You can also use 

a Q-tip with some soap/oil to fix  minor mistakes during the initial application.  However, if you travel a lot

and/or apply  your lipstick on-the-go, the remover definitely comes in handy.

Lipsense by SeneGence instructions and how to The Application Process

It definitely took some practice to get the technique down, and apply the lip color in thin coats, neatly and 

quickly.  (Why is this so important? Because the lip color starts out sticky, and if you run the wand over the 

same spot twice before it dries, it can sometimes lift the color from off your lips.)

The good news is that even if you don’t get the first layer right, the lip color is so opaque that you can easily 

make corrections with the next layer, or third layer.  (And any out-of-line mistakes can be fixed with the Oops! 

Remover once you’re all done.)

Lip Color Formula

The formula of the LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color is that of a liquid lipstick, only somewhat thinner. 

After the full 2-3 coats (plus a top coat), as you might expect, the wear isn’t the most comfortable (nothing like 

the cushiony, lightweight feel of the Anastasia Beverley Hills or Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks, if you happen to 

have tried them out).  This is the main reason to try use thinner and less coats.

One big plus of the lip color is that it’s surprisingly flexible, and easily moves with your lips as your stretch 

them out without causing any cracking.

Moisturizing (aka ‘Glossy’) Gloss Formula

The main purpose of the gloss top coat is to seal in the lip color.  Other than its protective abilities, the Glossy 

Gloss formula also provides a soothing dose of hydration (and is the most popular gloss for that reason).  It also 

smooths out the lips/lip color and tops them off with a healthy shine. Glossy Gloss can also be used alone to add 

shine and moisturize the lips. 


LipSense Wear Test

Impressively, upon the initial application, the LipSense lip color is completely kiss-proof, smudge-proof, and 

waterproof, just as it claims.  During the first 3-4 hours of wear, it was bulletproof and lasted through drinking, 

talking, and even a few quick smooches – with no transferring.

Even after 5-6 hours, the color was still looking as fresh as when first applied. The gloss, however, pretty much 

wears off and you will start to notice a little bit of flaking around the corners of your lips.  (this is part of the 

natural exfoliation process that occurs when you first start using LipSense, and it eventually stops once the 

formula has removed all the dry skin/build up.)

A tip: Apply the topcoat/gloss just prior to eating, as it helps create a barrier between food and minimize fading.

Wearing the LipSense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color in ‘Plumeria’ + Moisturizing gloss.  Plumeria is a bright 

red-pink with some blue tones.

First sign of significant wear after around 8 hours, following a large (and greasy) meal. Most of the color last, 

expect for the very inner part of your lips. However, your definitely in need of another coat/re-application here!

Lesson Learned – Wear the Gloss!

The key to making the color last is all in the top coat gloss, which needs applied every 4-5 hours.  It’s not just 

there to add shine and re-hydrate – it really does help to coat and protect the base layers of color for longer 


Does LipSense Really Last All Day?

The average wear time is about 12 hours.  However, everyone’s experience is going to be different based on a 

few factors:

How often (and also exactly what) you’re eating and drinking throughout the day (greasy/oily foods can be a 

little risky)

How often you re-apply the gloss top coat (5-6 hours is recommended, and especially right before meals)

Final Thoughts on LipSense

Overall, LipSense lipstick definitely does rank as one of the longer-wearing lipsticks currently on the market. 

What is most impressive is that it lasts through touching, rubbing, chatting, and drinking once it’s initially set, 

and outlasts other lipsticks.  Another side benefit is that, after 2 weeks, it actually may improve the condition 

(once super dry) lips!

The only downsides to LipSense, is that 1) the formula isn’t the most comfortable to wear (but applying the 

thinnest coats possible seems to help with this), 2) you need to remember to frequently apply the top coat, and 3) 

the application process can be somewhat lengthy and take some getting used to (especially if you’re more of a 

low-maintenance, lip balm wearer.  

But all-in-all, the couple extra minutes it takes to apply this in the morning/re-apply gloss through the day are 

completely worth it!





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