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Professional Teeth Whitening System

NOVA LITE LLC is a product and development company and worldwide provider 

of non-invasive medical and aesthetic devices, and has developed the BriteWhite 

Teeth Whitening System®.  BriteWhite is the first chair-side professional teeth 

whitening system made available to spas and med spas and carries an extensive

line of teeth whitening devices and products.

Unlike laser, plasma light, halogen or  ultraviolet, this exciting technology utilizes 

cool Blue Light Emitting Diodes to activate the custom blended gel, attacking 

discolorations without affecting the pulp or softening the enamel.

BriteWhite Teeth Whitening System® treats the entire front and back teeth by 

inserting the mouth plate directly inside the mouth during the treatment time, 

without the need for cheek retractors, rubber dams, or goggles.  This method of 

teeth bleaching prevents the gels from oxidizing, as with other out-side-the 

mouth devices.

Other methods of teeth whitening can also dehydrate the teeth causing sensitivity. 

The proprietary activating gel used with the BriteWhite Teeth Whitening System 

contains no Potassium Nitrate, fluoride or alcohol; keeping the teeth hydrated 

while whitening treatments are completed. Up to fourteen shades of increased 

whiteness have been achieved on aged teeth. Routinely, a minimum of 4 – 6 shades 

is achieved in 15 minutes.

Results have proven to be positive for hard to whiten teeth like Tetracycline. The 

Red LED optional mouthpiece boosts after-surgery-healing and the Blue LED kills 

black bacteria that cause periodontal disease, making it a new tool for the dentist 

as well. Although treatment is not recommended for everyone, especially those who 

are pregnant, BriteWhite is safe to be used by clients receiving chemotherapy 

and radiation if approved by their oncologist with written consent.

BriteWhite is a sophisticated product manufactured in the USA, designed and 

engineered for utility, efficacy and durability.  BriteWhite Medical comes with two 

mouth pieces and has Red LED optional mouthpieces to boost after-surgery-

healing. The device is lightweight and portable and can accommodate up to 4 

mouthpieces to treat 4 clients in one sitting without the purchase of multiple 


In addition to inventing the BriteWhite Teeth Whitening System® Joyce Osborn is 

the author of “Take a Walk through Life with LED Light” and had organized and 

served as President of the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, an organization 

for the benefit of providing teeth whitening outside the dental industry. “I feel 

that teeth whitening should be offered to anyone wanting to look and feel better, 

because it is safe, affordable and effective,” says Ms. Osborn.



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PLEASE NOTE: Bright White Smile, is a professional private suite studio 

version and not in a large spa atmosphere. All services are provided inside a 

private suite by Master Technician and other highly trained and seasoned 

technicians as needed.


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