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Customer Service can NOT be matched. You will LOVE Dee! And if you ever wanted to try Teeth Whitening, 

here is your chance. I wouldn't go ANYWHERE else.

Love my results from about a week ago

* Thank you for everything today!

Thank you so much for yesterday! I felt our meeting was a real 'God Thing' I will start saving my pennies so

that I can come back to see you. I will see you soon! xxoo Carol

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Thanks, you're so sweet!


Thank you so much! I'm in love!!

Love, love , love my smile . I will do diamond for my Jim.

* Good morning Dee! I just want to thank you for your services on Friday! I am a happy customer. 

It was wonderful !! Very pleased Dee is extremely nice and made me very comfortable

She does a good job and then offers additional service the same day for a good discount. 

 * I could see the difference instantly! Dee is great, and very informative. I'll be back for sure!!

* She is very friendly and informative.

* Great,clean and friendly ! Definitely go back!

* The technician is great. She tells you her candid opinion and gives you a professional advice. 

* She was great, service as advertised! Landen 

* The technician is great. She tells you her candid opinion and gives you a professional advice. She's very

knowledgeable on the the procedure. No excess paperwork. Got to the appointment, filled one paperwork and 

the procedure started. No unnecessary time wasting Oluwafemi S. 

* Very professional, super nice technician, and great location. She walks you through every step and makes you 

feel very welcome! Highly recommend Ms.Dee Heishamar B. 

* Very nice. do not go to the dentist office - it's downstairs from there. Yeong S. 

* Awesome! Def recommend. Elizabeth N.

* It works Eric S. 

* Teeth are whiter, just need to go again as they aren't as white as I would have liked. Lynn I. 

* You won't be disappointed! Andrea R. 

* It was a great experience! Explained everything as she worked and made me very comfortable. Kyle W.  

* Wonderful! Very professional, but laid back as well. I felt so comfortable in her chair. Thanks Angel L. 

A little confusing to locate. Other than that, friendly service and pleased with service. Beth R. 

The experience was amazing and I will definitely be going back.  Christopher U.

Excellent service with lots of extras to make the experience very comfortable for for the client. Owner is 

very kind and friendly. I was very impressed and will definitely  return when I need the services again. 


Good service, not really sure the teeth whitening worked though. Sarina K.  

Lovely time and treated like a queen! Vickie R. 

Excellent service and results! Rhonda D.

Friendly staff Jill   

* After 1 trip you can see some difference, but I think two visits is necessary

They already give you tips prior to teeth whitening. Definitely listen to the instructions. Michelle L.  

Absolutely amazing!! So personable and accommodating. Would definitely go again!! Jasmine C.  

Super nice. Enjoyable experience. Renee C.  

Absolutely delighted with the results. The whole experience was amazing! Lorraine H.  

They were wonderful and I will definitely be returning. Melissa G. 

Very pleasant lady (Dee). Would definitely recommend her. Debi B.   

* I had a great experience with Dee. She is professional and friendly. I would highly recommend her.

* Procedure was done in professional manner and explained how it works. I could see great results after the 

treatment. I will recommend this procedure to anyone who wants whiter teeth. 

* Amazing, knowledgeable, and welcoming. She is very LEGIT! This was worth every $$. Definitely will be 

going back. 

* My teeth are a lovely shade of white. The atmosphere was relaxing  and comfortable. will recommend her to


* So Sweet...Thank You So Much! 

* Absolutely loved this place. extremely friendly very professional and my teeth whitening wasn't painful at all! 

* So Sweet...Thank You So Much!  

* Very lovely, she made everything so pleasant. I will definitely go again as needed and recommend my family 

and friends. Thank You So Much! 

* Amazing, after ONE TREATMENT my teeth were incredibly whiter and tons of people noticed! 

* Bright White Smile Studio was extremely affordable compared to my dentist and I was as relaxed as if I were 

on my couch watching TV. I don't ever want my teeth to be yellow again. So I will definitely be calling Bright 

White Smile Studio again and again!

* Love my new look...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Amazing results in 1 hour! My teeth were pretty white 

anyway but now there bright white and completely painless! 

* I've always wanted to get my teeth whitened for a very long time but could not really be bothered with the 

inconvenience. Visits through your whole session is finished in an hour. Will be returning and recommending 

couldn't be happier with my new smile! :)

* Very professional considering I had not had my teeth whitened before she really explained herself of what to 

expect and also gave great advice for the after-care treatment! Will for sure be recommending to friends and 

anyone else to get it done. So pleased with at least 8-9 shades lighter! 

* Friendly service and pleased with service.

* The experience was amazing and I will definitely be going back.

* Excellent service with lots of extras to make the experience very comfortable for the client. Owner is very kind 

and friendly. I was very impressed and will definitely return when I need the services again.

* The facility is nice, the procedure is comfortable, and the product worked well. Little or no up-selling or


* I had a 5 minute treatment with another professional treatment [brand] and could not continue.  With Bright 

White, I continued my treatment without sensitivity with exciting results.

* It was great.  My teeth feel new.

* My teeth look great- really white!”

* Incredible results- my teeth were all but orange, one treatment whitened my teeth 11 shades.  I love my smile!

* It is so great!  I really like the results.  Thank you.

* I am very happy with the results.  I didn't experience any discomfort whatever.  This machine is amazing. 

Thank you.

* Years of smoking were wiped away in minutes!

* I received a power whitening one month ago.  My gums and teeth hurt so badly during the whole process. 

It took an hour to complete.  I could not eat or drink anything that whole day.  Today I had the Bright White 

treatment on my teeth.  It was wonderful!  I have no sensitivity whatsoever.  I love it and want to recommend it 

to everyone!

* No pain, my teeth were not sensitive, and it didn’t taste badly.  

* I had power bleaching and my teeth were so sensitive and gums so sore I couldn't even work for 2 weeks was 

scared to try anything to whiten my teeth again.  This is the greatest!

* This is the first time I have ever had my teeth whitened and I felt a little afraid. smoked and drank coffee 

and I was embarrassed to show my teeth. After 15 minutes with brite white my teeth looked great. I felt nothing 

and my teeth do not feel sensitive. Thanks alot Bright White.

* Friendly staff! 

* After 1 trip you can see some difference, but I think two visits is necessary.

* They already give you tips prior to teeth whitening. Definitely listen to the instructions. Eat something before

 you go and drink plenty of water.

* The staff is very professional and very nice. 

* Be sure to follow the post whitening instructions regarding coffee, red wine, etc.

* I am one happy customer! Dee is just fantastic and I am so happy to have her as friend, too!

* A great friend helped with my pearly whites...Thanks!

* I had a great experience. They were some of the nicest people ever!

* Very professional. I am very happy with my teeth between 8-10 shades whiter! would recommend any 

day and I love my new smile...I will be telling everyone know! 

* Nice salon, friendly staff, will definitely recommend to people. 

* Just had my teeth whitened and the results are amazing! I keep looking in the mirror and smiling.  

* I can’t wait to take my wedding pictures. Very professional service! I would recommend them to them

to anyone. 

* Looking forward to my next session.

* They were wonderful and I will definitely be returning.  

* Will be recommending her to all my friends and family, thank you Dee! 

* Very professional, explained everything well and made me feel at ease. She was also very easy to talk to. 

The results are amazing. I have gained so much confidence back in just an hour. Thank you so much and 

would highly recommend Dee.  

* Very professional service. Just had my teeth done very pleased with the results even 

booked my next appointment! 

* Very professional and explains everything. Really pleased with results...Smiling with pride highly recommend! 

* Highly recommend, such a huge difference on my teeth, and I didn’t even think they were that bad before 

getting it done. Had a few fears before my appointment, but Dee was very professional and helpful, explained 


* Now my teeth look brand new! Thank you so much  

* Awesome! Extremely knowledgeable. I will continue to go there.   

* Ridiculously cheap and convenient. Over the moon with the results. Literally can’t stop smiling! 

* Extremely happy thank you so much! Fantastic result, not painful, very friendly and professional! 

* Was worth every penny and I will definitely recommend!


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