Professional Teeth Whitening Business Training by Master Technician Dee D'labaj-Tibbs

I am extremely excited to get the opportunity to train you in this amazing industry. Professional Teeth Whitening 

has become one of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry for men and women both.

Professional teeth whitening is the number one anti-aging treatment over Botox and Fillers with instant gratification.

What better time than NOW to jump start your career as a teeth whitening specialist or business owner.

At the end of training you will have mastered my techniques and secrets and hands-on training as well as receive a

certification and all the essentials you need to start your own teeth whitening business. 

All training is conducted by Certified Master Technician Dee D'labaj-Tibbs 

Training Includes:

Professional Starter Kit

LED Teeth Whitening Headset

Hands on Training

Teeth Whitening Knowledge

Teeth Whitening Marketing 

Certification Completion

Certification $995


Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

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